About Atrato IP Networks

Atrato IP Networks is a leading provider of high quality IP transit, carrier services, remote peering and managed services. With a customer base comprising telcos, ISPs and hosting companies, Atrato develops its network to support these demanding, high traffic businesses well in advance of projected bandwidth growth.


Atrato IP Networks provides high performance and cost-effective connectivity to the global Internet routing table for both IPv4 and IPv6. Atrato’s Autonomous System (AS5580), is now one of the largest IPv4 backbones in Europe and has become one of the top 5 leading IPv6 networks.


Founded in 2005, the network was built avoiding limiting legacy technologies. Atrato’s network covers all the major POPs in over 15 countries.  Connected to more than 25 internet exchanges, the resiliency and low latency of the network is guaranteed.  With todays applications that require massive bandwidth, we can scale quickly and handle fast growth of traffic.